Josie Cunningham is demanding £150,000 to join Celebrity Big Brother line-up

Josie Cunningham is demanding £150,000 to join Celebrity Big Brother line-up

If the thought of Josie Cunningham on Celebrity Big Brother turns your stomach, we have good news: it seems she won’t be appearing in the 2015 series.

Josie first came to the public’s attention after she said she wanted her boob job paid for by the NHS, but her notoriety increased after she said she would be aborting her child in order to appear on Big Brother.

Ultimately she continued with the pregnancy and did not participate in the show, but it seems now she’s set her heights a little higher.

After she was linked to a spot in the 2015 CBB house, Josie has claimed producers can’t afford her. Continue reading


Big Brother’s all-time best moments

Big Brother's all-time best momentsAs the   11th season of Big Brother approaches its finale on November 26,  we analyse the reality franchise’s top 10 moments.
#1 Free Th Refugees (2004)
Merlin Luck was an introverted housemate but made an incredibly bold political statement when he was evicted. He decided to tape his mouth up and hold up a hand-made white sheet with the words “FREE TH [sic] REFUGEES”. The live audience were livid at Luck’s stunt, in which he sat next silently next to host Gretel Killeen for almost three minutes. Continue reading

Celebrity Big Brother’s got a new eye

Celebrity Big Brother's got a new eyeCelebrity Big Brother will be back with a bang in the New Year, and with some new twists revealed, it’s set to be explosive. The show’s brand new logo has been revealed today – and it looks more sinister than ever. With the twisted thorns and the dark clouds, it is set to mirror the new twists that have been planned for the celebrity series, which will air on Channel 5 in January. This year, the house will have a twisted fairy tale theme, but the celebrities will not find their happily ever after under the ever-watchful eye of Big Brother. Continue reading

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