Who will win Celebrity Big Brother?

Who will win Celebrity Big Brother?It’s the final day in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Here we predict which of the remaining contestants will take the 2015 crown

After four weeks of fights, fights and a few more fights, the latest run of Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother will tonight draw a close.

Calum Best, Katie Hopkins, Katie Price, Keith

Chegwin and Michelle Visage will battle it out for the title – and honour – of being introduced champion, while doing the rounds of ITV daytime next week. Let’s take a lot at the final five and assess each one’s chances of winning.

 Calum Best

Calum has played a strong game, clearly ready to shed his playboy image and tabloid-loving reputation. With his autobiography Second Best (I see what you did there, Calum) out next month, a character reinvention is quite timely. Some Diary Room manspreading and muscle-flexing may see him pick up enough votes to earn a deserved top-three finish.

Katie Hopkins

She almost deserves to win for playing the most remarkable game, but the fact still stands that, character or not, Katie Hopkins is rude, offensive and has shown herself up to be a manipulative bully over the past month. That’s not someone I’d like to think viewers will reward or spend money voting for. She’ll be back to normal in a couple of days and offending all those “won over”. Guaranteed.

Katie Price

Even Pricey admitted that she hasn’t been value for money, but in a way that has made me appreciate her even more. Her shocking tales of sexual exploits with former husbands and lovers almost sent that raised eyebrow off of Katie Hopkins face. She undoubtedly has the biggest fanbase, and one quite willing to spend their hard-earned cash on her products. She’s not hogged the limelight or been the “Jordan” many would have loved to hate, and for that, I’ve loved her as a housemate. A Pricey victory wouldn’t be a disaster, if only a nice alternative to who I would prefer to pip her to the post.

Keith Chegwin

On a bit of a mid-life journey, it’s clear Cheggers doesn’t have anything to prove by doing CBB. His excitement at finally being named a finalist is endearing, but is it enough to encourage voters to pick up their phones? A certain demographic may do just that. After all, this is the show that has named Gary Busey and Jim Davidson winners.

Michelle Visage

Her motives may have come under the spotlight in recent days, but Michelle Visage is genuinely one of the good guys. Katie Hopkins and Perez Hilton’s attempts to derail her path to victory only served to further highlight how deserving she is of the victory. A vocal ally of the LGBT community, it’s clear she has garnered the support of a strong gay fanbase. And with RuPaul’s promise to bring Drag Race to our screens if Michelle wins, that may be all the encouragement needed to get voting.


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