Celebrity Big Brother’s got a new eye

Celebrity Big Brother's got a new eyeCelebrity Big Brother will be back with a bang in the New Year, and with some new twists revealed, it’s set to be explosive. The show’s brand new logo has been revealed today – and it looks more sinister than ever. With the twisted thorns and the dark clouds, it is set to mirror the new twists that have been planned for the celebrity series, which will air on Channel 5 in January. This year, the house will have a twisted fairy tale theme, but the celebrities will not find their happily ever after under the ever-watchful eye of Big Brother.

Designers have created a new look for the BB house which has “whimsical elements that conjure up a magical atmosphere full of possibility and curiosity, but there are hints that something more sinister may be lurking.”

CBB bosses warn that the celebrities could be about to walk into their own living nightmare and that they should expect the unexpected “as there will be secrets, twists and surprises around each corner”. Of course, Big Brother will be monitoring the housemates and their every move throughout their time in the mystical wonderland with 24 hour cameras keeping track of all the house action.


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